FG DJ Radio USA New alliance with SBE Group

FG DJ Radio USA New alliance with SBE Group

FG DJ Radio USA is proud to announce the launch of their new partnership with SBE group this month. FG DJ Radio USA is powering the SBE’s new musical channel available on sbe.com.

Founded in 2002, SBE group has quickly emerged as one of the most transcendent forces in hospitality, real estate and entertainment. Helmed by its visionary Founder, Chairman and CEO Sam Nazarian, SBE has established a thriving collection of award-winning hospitality and lifestyle destinations that are developed and managed through its Hotels, Restaurants, Nightlife and Real Estate groups. With the ability to speak to a wide array of lifestyle experiences, SBE has authored a refreshing new vocabulary in hospitality through a voice that’s re-imagining an entire industry.

SBE believes hospitality, like art, is not something to confine to one definition alone. Rather, SBE views hospitality as fluid and ever changing, influenced by culture, preference and an innate desire in us all to enjoy something meaningful. With this in mind, sbe allows guests to customize their lifestyle experiences through a diverse portfolio of hotel, restaurant and nightlife venues-and enables them to stay, eat and play with a seamlessness never before realized.

SBE ‘s exclusive partners include world-renowned design icon Philippe Starck, photographer and pop culture luminary Matthew Rolston, and chefs José Andrés, Katsuya Uechi and Danny Elmaleh. Each one has uniquely influenced the SBE Hospitality Collection and further reinforced SBE ‘s commitment to curating an uncompromising culture for guests and employees.


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