Michael Canitrot

Michael Canitrot

Michael Canitrot is currently riding high on a wave of success that has seen him propelled to
the higher echelons of dance music’s elite. As a DJ he’s regularly touring Asia, the USA,
South America and Europe, playing over a hundred gigs a year and wowing crowds with his
incredible sets. His own productions are championed by the planet’s finest house music
aficionados and his longstanding ‘So, Happy In Paris?’ club nights have taken over the
world’s finest venues. There’s artist album and a Defected compilation in the pipeline and
he’s even the resident DJ at the Cannes Film Festival. But this worldwide success didn’t
come overnight. It’s is a product of a lifetime dedicated to throwing parties and an ingrained
desire to entertain people with music.
The seed of Michael’s DJ career was planted at an early age: at ten years old he was already
alternating between two separate ghettoblasters, playing the pop tunes of the day at his
friends’ birthday parties. This makeshift DJ set up was the first taste he had of the connection
between a performer and a crowd, and he was hooked.
Six years later Michael started mixing vinyl. House music was his chosen genre, having been
inspired by a variety of the era’s main players: early Daft Punk, Erick Morillo’s Subliminal
label, DJ Gregory, Martin Solveig and the whole crew from the legendary French label
Africanism. The following year a residency followed at one of the best loved clubs in Paris:
Les Bains Douches.
“I went in to see the boss and told him I wanted to put on a party,” explains Michael. “He
gave me a Tuesday night – notoriously difficult to fill in Paris. I packed the place out and that
was it: I had a residency at the age of seventeen. I wasn’t even legally allowed into the club!”
At this point Michael was still not producing, just honing his DJ skills on a daily basis. In a
modern day dance music scene where producers with no DJ experience can get gigs on the
back of their tunes, being a DJ first and foremost is something Michael is proud of: “I’m
happy I cut my teeth as a DJ first,” he says. “I know how to work a crowd and DJ properly.”
Anyone that’s had the pleasure of going to Michael’s gigs will confirm this. Whether it be an
explosive two hour set or a five hour marathon, he never fails to please: reading the crowd,
playing the perfect balance of vocals and instrumentals, not afraid to take things deep, nor
too pretentious to play the occasional big crowd pleaser. The idea of taking a dancefloor on a
journey may have become a cliché, but it’s the mark of a great DJ, and Michael manages it
every time.
During the first year of his residency at Les Bains Douches, the concept for the clubnight ‘So,

Happy In Paris?’ was created. In the early days it moved around different Parisian venues,
igniting the dancefloors of the capital’s clubs. Ten years on, the clubnight has gone
worldwide and features an array of dancers, live vocalists and musicians. With its luxury angle
and glamourous vibes its easy to forget the roots of this phenomenal party: it started as an
intimate gathering for Parisians who shared a love of good music. And while the party’s
production budget may have boomed and become more flambuoyant over the years, make
no mistake, it’s still all about the music.
“With ‘So, Happy In Paris?’, we’ve always paid attention to the details – our first flyer for the
night won an award for flyer of the year in France,” says Michael. “But what I really love about
the parties is the opportunity to perform alongside live musicians and DJ alongside some of
my all time heroes – like house music legend Dennis Ferrer.”
With DJ skills honed, the next step was production. Michael had a urge to make tunes for
pivital moments in his sets, and using his experience of what sends a dancefloor crazy,
started to make some epic house tracks. The last three years has seen the release of
‘Desire’, ‘You & I’ and ‘When You Got Love’ (featuring the vocal talents of longstanding
house music favourite Ron Caroll) – all released on Michael’s own Aime Music imprint. With
their slamming drums, hands-in-the-air synth stabs and soaring vocals, all three tunes found
their way into the record boxes of the world’s biggest house DJs. ‘Desire’ was subsequently
snapped up by the renowned Defected record label and announced Michael Canitrot as a
major player in the production world. Michael will also be mixing Defected’s ‘Playboy
Session’ to be released later in 2012, joining the likes of Bob Sinclar, Dimitri from Paris,
Tensnake, Masters at Work and many other world class DJs who have been given the honour
to mix a Defected compilation. It won’t be the first mix CD he has had released – there have
already been two ‘So Happy In Paris?’ compilations, both receiving critical acclaim and
commercial success.
Not content with having a trio of anthemic vocal tracks, Michael wanted to show he could
also whip up a darker, powerful, instrumental sound for the early hours. He did this with the
release of two killer tunes: ‘Blue Collision’ and ‘White Escape’, again both released on his
own label Aime Music. Having showed his ability to make a broad range of sounds, the
scene is set for his debut album to be released later in the year.
Having grown up in a family where his father liked rock music like AC/DC and his mother
loved the soul music of Stevie Wonder, a young Michael couldn’t help but be influenced by
these different sounds. Consequently, the album promises to be a unique amalgamation of
Michael’s varied musical taste and dancefloor knowledge. Expect driving, techy club tracks
overlayed with folk and rock vocals from a variety of underground singers from the different
“I’m not interested in calling upon big-name singers to try to get cross-over appeal,” insists
Michael. “I just want to find the perfect voice for the track and get the emotion right. It’s
about creating something different and fresh.” If the standard and quality of Michael Canitrot’s
work to date is anything to go by, we can look forward to an album that will not only entertain
thousands of clubbers worldwide, but also establish Michael as one of the world’s true house
music superstars. And after everything that he’s given to the dance music community, he’s
earned it.

- Compilation So, Happy in Paris ? (Cyber) – October 2004
- Club 99 remix “Dance in Love” (EMI) – June 2005
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 4 (Pschent – Wagram) – November 2005
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 5 (Pschent – Wagram) – March 2007
- Compilation “So, Happy in Paris ? – Love Summer” (Pschent – Wagram) – June 2007
- Maxi single “Feel The Spirit” (Hardsoul) – September 2008
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 6 (Defected) – October 2008
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 7 (Defected) – May 2009
- Maxi single “Desire” (Aime Music) – June 2009
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 8 – October 2009
- Compilation Mezzanine de l’Alcazar # 9 (Defected) – April 2010
- Compilation “So, Happy in Paris ?” (Aime Music – Defected) – April 2010
- Maxi single “You and I” (Aime Music) – June 2010
- Maxi single “Desire” (Defected) – July 2010
- Maxi single “You and I” (Hed Kandi) – March 2011
- Compilation “So, Happy in Paris ?” vol 2 (Aime Music – Naïve) – May 2011
- Maxi single “When You Got Love” with Ron Carroll (Aime Music) – June 2011
- Single “Blue Collision” (Aime Music) – November 2011
- Single “White Escape” (Aime Music) – December 2011
- Compilation “Playboy Sessions Paris” (Defected) – April 2012
- Single “Right On Me” (Believe Records – Aime Music) – July 2012



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